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Citron Santa Monica Update

Ugh. That's all that pops into my head at this point: UGH.

It's been about several months now that I've been promising people that new Citron is coming "SOON" and in those months we've gotten a few styles here and there but NOTHING near to what we ordered for you all.

The last time we spoke to them was 2 months ago and we were told fabric for part of order was being shipped to the US and would an end of January delivery be okay and we said: "YES!" That order has not arrived.

At the time of that January contact we also asked about 2 other outstanding orders and were told the items had already been made in China but they couldn't promise when they'd arrive.  Now I've heard of the "slow boat from China" but . . . 

So at this point I guess this isn't an update because there isn't any NEW information and in this case NO news is definitely NOT good news :(

In the meantime, we ARE working to get a new brand (similar to Citron and Dressori) out into the market and we will be carrying it here at fictionnewyork.com - right now we are looking for feedback on styles/cut, lengths, color palettes, etc. ANY input you'd like to provide is welcome and will entitle you to discounts off the brand when it launches.  Please click on the get help tab on the lower left hand of the site and let us know you want to help and we'll get in touch.