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Citron Santa Monica Update - OCTOBER

We received hardly any of the Spring / Summer 2016 orders that we placed and received a very small percentage of the Fall / Winter / Spring 2017 styles we ordered and none of our Summer 2017 orders.  

So all of the promises made last fall and through the winter and early spring did not come to pass :(

Call us fools BUT we actually believe Citron when they say they WILL be shipping our Fall / Winter 2017/2018 styles as they have a new production manager who is determined to get Citron back on track.  

I hope it isn't because we so badly want to believe it . . .

IF Citron has indeed gotten their act together we expect a Citron shipment to arrive to us in the beginning / middle of October. 

UPDATE: It is now October 7th and we haven't heard anything about our October 15th shipment :(

In the meantime new Dressori is here, a few more pieces will be added shortly and more is due in December.