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Matching Top and Pant? Yes or No.

At Fiction our main focus is separates because to me once you find the brand of pants that work for you (for me it is NYDJ) or that perfect base dress or tank/shell/cami - dressing / shopping becomes easier because instead of buying entire ensembles you can get away with just purchasing tops/tunics, jackets and/or sweaters because those trusty base pieces are already in your closet.

For me personally my idea of matching is having my shoes match my bag or my top or I will wear different shades or textures of gray together but I'm normally not the type you will see wearing say a blue top with exact matching blue pants.   I make an exception to wearing matching tops and pants if I will be wearing a jacket or cardigan over the matching set.

As for mom she will match tops and bottoms once in awhile but she will often go with a twinset and when she does the pant is almost always a different color.

It's funny some people NEVER wear exact match tops and bottoms while some people almost exclusively do.  We have one sales rep who calls it being too "matchy-match" and she HATES it!  Then we will have other sales reps say: "Oh, you MUST get the matching pants!"

So ladies what are your feelings on the subject?