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Where Does The Designer You Wish You Could Wear Stop On The Size Spectrum?

Personally my weight gain was pretty gradual . . . when I was in college I was a Size 8, gained the freshman 15 and usually wore a 10.  After college when I was on my own I started eating better and made it a point to work out more and was around a Size 6 . . . then my early 30's came and the non-stop weight gain began: Size 12, 14, 16 and now near my mid-40s an 18.

I was always a pear shape and had difficulty wearing dresses and some tops but as my stomach started battling my hips as the bane of my existence I had trouble with almost every article of clothing I tried on.

The first brand I stumbled across that I liked was Cut Loose.  Ironically, Cut Loose isn't cut especially loose and eventually I could no longer fit in most of their styles but finding that brand did lead me to others that are indeed cut looser or larger and I found: "my brands" such as Kleen and Grizas.  Still, I wish Cut Loose did plus sizes - they do a few styles per season but never the ones we want :(  I'm told they used to do more styles in plus sizes but now if you want Cut Loose to do a style in plus size they have a minimum of 100 pieces per style!

Another brands I wish did larger sizes are Tory Burch and Vince - I have a Vince cardigan that I stumbled across that runs large that I love but the other styles of theirs I had I "outgrew" ;)

I've often heard larger women say they wished Diane Von Furstenberg did larger sizes.  Her signature wrap dress alone would be perfect but if it hasn't happened by now I don't it ever happening.

At the end of the day after I found my brands like Kleen and Grizas and Prairie Cotton I find myself less concerned about what more mainstream brands are doing.

What are some brands you wish did larger or plus sizes?