Loyalty Program


Most businesses say it one way or another . . . We feel the best way to say thank you is by rewarding you for your purchases.

You are automatically signed up for our loyalty program when you place an order with us and create an account.

With our old Loyalty Program you gained points for your purchase and once you accumulated a certain number of points you could cash them in for Free Priority Shipping or Coupon Codes that gave you anywhere from $10 to $50 off your order.

The problem was not enough of our customers were using the program - some found it confusing or were having trouble copying and pasting coupon codes if they were shopping on a Tablet, etc. Well that wasn't good! What was the point of trying to reward our customers if they were getting frustrated in the process?

So: out with the old in the with the new.

When you make a purchase and your order ships we now give you a store credit (3% Cash Back and 1% Cash Back on Clearance Items). When you come back and visit us again your Store Credit is AUTOMATICALLY applied to your new order.  Easy-Peasy.


Please note that you do not have to use your store credit every time you check out - you can certainly horde your loyalty cash back until it really adds up.  Totally up to you!

Anytime you are logged into your FictionNewYork account you will be able to see how much Loyalty Credit you have by looking at the upper right hand side of the website or by viewing your account page: